Being a parent is a very special gift given to us from the Lord. Time goes by so quickly that, if you now realize for sure that one day your baby will be a grown up on its own, you will by no means give him or her each day, the love, instruction, time, and discipline necessary to prepare him or her for that day ... the time when you will reap the fruits of the seeds you now sow. Let's consider the value of such a gift just as the Giver intended it to be.

Being a parent
is such a wonderful thing.
It's a joy beyond compare,
a happiness no word can describe.
As you guide your child
through the problems of life,
and offer the encouragement
needed to achieve so many things
you will need an abundance
of patience, kindness,
and understanding,
but everything you give
will be returned tenfold
in love and appreciation.
Being a parent is a special gift
that blesses your life
with happiness, love,
and a lifetime of memories.

Author: Deanne Laura Gilbert

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